• e-commerce
  • order management
  • Shopify storefront


  • design
  • developement

This is a remade and rebranded webshop that I originally did many years ago for a Swedish company called Hemfisk who delivers fresh fish and sea food straight to your doorstep.

This time we choose to go with a Shopify storefront and it is built using nextjs, typescript and Shopify Hydrogen. We used Shopify as the CMS as well and Shopify's hosting Oxygen for seamless CI/CD integration.

We also made a sister shop for only caviar called Löjromsbutiken.se.

Both of these shops have a conversion rate of around 20-30% and according to Shopify stats perform better than most similar shops with a score of over 80/100.

Technologies used:

  • next
  • react
  • typescript
  • graphql
  • hydrogen
  • oxygen